If you are interested in placing some sort of Midi File(s) on your webpage, please spear a few minutes of your valuable time and read the following.   We here at EWP, wouldn't want anyone to get into any sort of legal disputes.   Therefore, if you decided to use a Midi File that is Copyrighted, please obtain the proper permission to be able to use it legally.

          In most countries, even if there is no copyright notice, the composer retains the copyright. This means that you cannot assume something is not copyrighted just because you cannot find a copyright notice.

         It is copyright infringement to distribute Midi File(s)  in which permission to distribute the music has not been obtained from copyright owners. Although the process of putting music into a Midi file, in many cases, requires arranging, the tunes (melodies) are still under copyright protection.     One is almost always required to pay certain about of fee in order to obtai permission to distribute copyrighted material.

        For example minimum fee payable under the ASCAP license agreement is $250 per year.  However, also keep in mind that not all songs are under the ASCAP license agreement.   Some are under other Licensing Corporations such as BMG and NMPA.   Therefore another licensing fee is required in order to be able to legally distribute and or play a MIDI file under the other another Licensing Corporation. 

        Popular Music, Alternative, Punk, Heavy Metal, Rock, and Contemporary, etc. are likely protected by copyrights.    Needless to say, all the popular songs and tunes you hear on the radio are ALL copyrighted, including the Midi Files that play their tune.  

          It is interesting to wonder if those Midi Web Sites are legally distributing Midi Files on their webpages.   It would cost up to, if not over $1000 annually for them to register and obtain the proper permission to legally distribute all those Copyrighted Midi Files on their webpages.  

          Therefore the best and safest policy is not to put MIDI files online, that you did not write or did not receive permission to post.   As a wise man once said, "Silence has it's own melody."

           However if you decide that you would still like to include some Midi Files on your webpage, here are some Web Sites you might want to browse through.  Once again, use the Midis Files at your own discretion.  If you decided to use a Midi File that is Copyrighted, please obtain the proper permission to be able to use it legally.

           Happy and Save Surfing !!! 


American Society of Composers,
Authors and Publishers (ASCAP)

National Music Publishers' Association (NMPA)
Copyright, MIDI Files & The Internet


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