Is a free resource for web designers that can reduce GIF download times by up to 90%. We have many raves on our comments page about the incredible results you can get with GIFCruncher.

GIF Wizard
Compress your graphics up to 90% with GIF Wizard!  GIF Wizard will make your website download faster and keep visitors coming back for more.  Use GIF Wizard to optimize GIFs and JPGs on existing new or existing websites.  GIF Wizard is an online application and can be used with any web browser.

Download Fractint, the world-famous freeware program, created by the Stone Soup Group for FREE !!!   

A 100% free URL redirection service where you choose a short, easy to remember WebAlias, such as http://webalias.com/webtools, people use  in place of your site's longer URL.  Includes many free features, like the ability to hide your website's URL, add access restrictions on your site, get free banner advertising, and more.

Thumbs Plus
Ideal for batch file conversion, print catalogs, edit and resize images, GIF transparency

Gif Construction Set
Create transparent GIFs, with many of the features you need to work with multiple blocks, and create GIF animations too.

The NetMechanic
Let their robots tune your Web site. Free!  Their robots will search your site to find broken links, spot bad HTML tags, and rate your server's response time.

Web Site Garage Tune Up
Run 7 free diagnostics on your home page: Browser Compatibility Check - !Register-It! - Load Time Check - Dead Link Check - Link Popularity Check - Spell Check - HTML Design Check.

Dr. Watson
A free service to validate your web page on the Internet. You give it the URL of your page and Watson will get a copy of it directly from the web server.

Image Alchemy
This site allows you to run Image Alchemy via a webpage. Image Alchemy is a file conversion utility, which converts between a large variety of image files.

Imaging Machine
Animate, mogrify, resize and make transparent graphics online.

Index of HTML Tags
HTML made easy! Nice index of HTML tags. Just click on the tag and you get a detailed description. Copy/ paste and fill in the text! Why re-invent the wheel ???