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September 15 - 9:02 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
Birthday Pikachu Promo... #2?
Nintendo's Gamecube out in Japan, and has been included into the war!

Well, sorry for not updating for the past 2 days... There just wasn't anything to update... and remember, PF!1.8 comes out tommorrow! Another new Japanese promo has been released! It's Birthday Pikachu....2 (As if one weren't enough). It will be included in the new official Pokémon comic on 9/23/01. I do wonder why they didn't use the VS or Neo card formats though... Anyway, here's a link to the new promo. Thanks to PA! for the scan... click here to view it! Well, I'm sure the rank has dropped big time... Top 100 - 113... PokeSky - 16... Top 50 - 295... well, it seems like they didn't drop BIG time, but SMALL time... Well, the Gamecube generation has begun in Japan! And also the war, PS2 and Gamecube... and pretty soon, in November, Microsoft's first and newest gaming system is going to be included into this war... 3 Gamecube games has been released with it, Luigi's Mansion, Wave Race: Blue Storm and Sega's Monkey Ball. The sales demand was still high as expected, but much of Gamecube's attention was drawn away by this week's events even all the way to Japan. Nintendo's Gamecube should be released on November 18th in America. Remember, PF!1.8 comes out tomorrow!

September 13 - 6:30 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
Tragedy... Part 2

Yah, well, I'm kinda late today... Well, PF! 1.8 IS going to be out in three days...

September 12 - 5:23 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
Tragedy... Part 2

Canada showed respect to USA... everyone in Canada lowered their Canadian flags to mid-way (I'm a Canadian). The partly disliked President George Bush had actually said that he isn't sending ANY Americans who is hurt in this tragedy to Canada for medical care because he said he DOESN'T want any other countries to help... Yah... I always disliked him even though I'm not American. With all the limited medical care available in the US some who are hurt just might not get the treatment and die when they could've gotten the right treatment in Canada... why did Americans vote for Bush? I have just been told from my friends that the terrorists might've picked September 11 because it was 9-1-1... I would just like to give a moment of silence for all those who have been killed in this very terrible tragedy. I would like to give my condolences to the families who have been affected by these incidents. Let's move on... Village is still down... Top 100 - 106... PokeSky - 14... Top 50 - 191...

September 11 - 9:37 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates

I'm sure if not 100%, 99.9% of you will know about the crashes and bombings in the US today. At 8:45 AM in New York City, a Plane Crashed into one of the two Twin Towers (AKA - World Trade Centers). At first, it was thought to be an computer/mechanical error, 18 minutes later another plane crashed into adjacent building. Some people on the lower floors were able to be evacuated luckily, but the people in the higher floors were unfortunately unable to evacuate in time. About an hour later, another plane en route from Newark, New Jersey to San Francisco, California crashed somewhere near Somerset County, Pennsylvania (Just outside Pittsburgh). Then, another airplane hit a section of the military section of the Pentagon Building. Today is certainly a day that will go down in world history, nothing like this has ever happened since the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Over 10,000 people are either dying, injured or dead. President Bush has promised that we will hunt down and punish those responsible for this attack. I have a friend in New Jersey who lost a few relatives in this incident, he is truly heartbroken. It's hard to believe that this is even real... If you lost someone in this horrible tragedy then I would like to offer you our condolences. For more information on this "day of hell", see the following links...
TechTV News
The New York Times
If you think a family member was at one of the airplanes/pentagon please contact the following telephone numbers, in the US: United Airlines: 1-800-932-8555, American Airlines: 1-800-245-0999, Pentagon: 1-800-331-0075 . To donate blood: 1-800-GIVE-LIFE. But anyhow, it DID not effect the things on the internet, so we're still updating. The only thing I hope now is that there won't be a 3rd World War... (It's scary to even think about it...) Well, here's the Lycos for this week...
1) Dragonball
2) Big Brother
3) NFL
4) Morpheus
5) Aaliyah
6) U.S. Open
7) Britney Spears
8) Tattoos
9) Fantasy Football
10) The IRS
Well, Pokemon fell to #12 this week, and Harry Potter at #15...

September 10 - 5:21 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
An interview with Jeremy Kassan ranking 87 in the world!
Pokemon Forever! has gotten a new shorter address!

Firstly, Ness form Pojo got a chance to interview Jeremy Kassan, ranking #87 in the world... Click to view it here! And also, for your patience, we finally got a shorter address! You can now visit Pokemon Forever! at! And also a reminder, PF!1.8 comes out in 6 days! Village is still down... Top 100 - 98... PokeSky - 14... Top 50 - 192... it seems like the ranks are dropping...

September 9 - 5:35 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
An article wirtten by Phil Mondiello about himself!
Promo #39 reveled!

Sorry there weren't any updates yesterday... Surprisingly, Phil Mondiello, the TCG player that got the 4 year suspension, wanted Pojo to post a article by him about the suspension... you can see it here. Yes people....many of you were skeptical, even doubtful. But Promo #39 IS Misdreavus. In fact...this scan proves it. Click to see Promo #39...Misdreavus
Name: Misdreavus
HP: 50
Type: Psychic
Stage: Basic
Attack 1: [P] Pain Split - Put 1 damage counter on the Defending Pokemon for each damage counter on Misdreavus.
Attack 2: [P][P] Confuse Ray - Flip a coin. If heads, the Defending Pokemon is now Confused.
Weakness: None
Resistance: Fighting -30
Retreat Cost: 1
Thanks to PA! for the scan!

September 7 - 5:13 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
A Spoiler of the VS set!
Mewtwo Returns!?
Cartoon Network!?

Whoh! You should've looked at the news yesterday! We probably didn't have that much news in ages! And here's something that you'll like! A spoiler of the new VS set! Thanks to Usugi-Chan from Pojo! Click here to view it! Village is still down... Top 100 - 99... PokeSky - 10... Top 50 - 176... hmm... only 11 hits today... There was a Mewtwo special that aired in Japan a couple months ago, and it looks as if it is being released in North America. has a video named "Mewtwo Returns" that will be released December 4th, 2001. Judging from the Pokemon Johto Champions schedule, this special episode would be aired around that time (though now it's on VHS/DVD). You can check it out for yourself, maybe even pre-order if you are interested, by clicking this link (DVD) or this link (VHS). Tune in to Cartoon Network tonight at 7:30pm EST/PST to watch the debut of Pokemon on Cartoon Cartoon Friday. I'm not sure what episode they will be showing, so you might want to check it out.

September 6 - 6:00 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
A nice transcript of Holiday in Acapulco!
Best Selling Videos/DVDs of the week!
The Promo Craze is back!

Well, it seems like there's a "lost episodes" theme these couple of days so I thought I'd bring in a transcript, yes you heard me right, TRANSCRIPT, of Holiday in Acapulco. Thanks to Pojo again! Click here to view it! Pokemon 3 is the best selling Video of the Week.  Will Pokemon 4 go straight to Video or Movie theaters?  No one knows yet? By The Associated Press, Top Kids Video Sales Top Video Rentals Top Video Sales Top DVD Sales Billboard Magazine Chart Leaders.
1. ``Pokemon 3 - The Movie,'' Warner Home Video.
2. ``Recess: School's Out,'' Walt Disney Home Video.
3. ``Scooby Doo: Spookiest Tales,'' Turner Home Entertainment.
4. ``The Book Of Pooh: Stories From The Heart,'' Walt Disney Home Video.
5. ``Rugrats: All Growed Up,'' Nickelodeon Video.
6. ``Bring It On,'' Universal Studios Home Video.
7. ``The Emperor's New Groove'' Walt Disney Home Video.
8. ``Coyote Ugly,'' Touchstone Home Video.
9. ``Shirley Temple Gift Set,'' FoxVideo.
10. ``The Little Bear Movie,'' Paramount Home Video.
Village is STILL down!!! Why? Top 100 - 91... PokeSky - 9... Top 50 - 177...
Two new promotional cards have emerged! Promo #39 is Smoochum, it is the newest Pokemon League Promo Card! Promo #40 is Wooper from the Kraft Cheese Promotion (how cheesy is that?). We don't have any scans of these promo cards yet....but if you do, you can send them to! You will of course get full credit.

September 5 - 7:35 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
Bringing impossible things back... Part 2...
VS Card Scans!

Well, as promised yesterday, I've got you a summery and 10 new pics for the episode. It's thanks to Pojo as I did yesterday! You can visit the summery here! And, well, I'm kinda depressed because of school... my teacher is kinda mean... anyhow this year at the TMB 2001 (Tropical Mega Battle) English VS Pokemon cards were given out to the participants. We're lucky to have scans from a participant in the event named Michael Perucca. BIG thanks goes out to him and PA! for the scans and information! Click here to see the English VS Scans! And also, today's Lycos is up... 
1. Aaliyah
2. Powerball
3. Dragonball
4. Big Brother
5. Morpheus
6. Las Vegas
7. NFL
8. Britney Spears
9. Pokemon
10. IRS
Hmm... it seems like both DBZ and Pokemon are falling behind... what's wrong? Well, let's look at the ranks now... Village is down still... Top 100 - 90... not bad... PokeSky - 7... good... and Top 50 - 171.. not bad either... and we only have 20 hits today... 

September 4 - 5:54 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
Bringing impossible things back...

If you're wondering why I'm updating so late... it's school [drag]... Anyways, ever wonder why you've never seen the Pokemon Episode "The Legend of Dratini" on KidsWB? There are several reasons.  The main reason is that too many people are playing with guns (Jessie, James, & the Warden of the Safari zone).  The Warden fired off several shots at Jessie & James early in the show.  Team Rocket catch the warden, tie him up, and give him a taste of his own medicine.  It would be extremely difficult to edit this episode as guns & bombs play a major role. I think the Japanese were actually poking fun at gun-wielding Cowboy-type Americans, and there is somewhat of a moral value at the end of the show.  It would require a ton rework to show this episode to kids.  It's too bad really, cause it has one of the best endings of any Pokemon episode.  Tomorrow, I'll post about 10 key images from the episode, and we'll tell you exactly how Ash caught all those Tauros and you can learn the Legend of Dratini. Thanks to Pojo for the picture pictured above.

September 3 - 11:46 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
The price for Pokemon Mini... wow, that's expensive!

Huh... for most of us, including me, tomorrow is the first day of school... (and I still don't know which teacher I'm having!) what a drag... well, not really much news, but I've just found out, thanks to PA!, that Pokemon Mini will cost around 30-40 USD... wow! That's alot! And Village is still down... Top 100 - 49... PokeSky - 9, and Top 50 - 209... Well, we've got 16 hits today, and 16 views... Let's hope to get more this afternoon...

September 2 - 3:57 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
More on Pokemon Mini!

I have found an article from PokeMasters and they have some more information on Pokemon Mini, with a full sized screenshot. It now seems like that Pokemon Mini won't be releasing in Japan nor US/CAN. But I have been hearing something about it being released in Japan... I don't know. The article says that it's only going to be released in Europe until further notice. Anyways, read it yourself here. (It won't take you outside our site). Village is still down, so... Top 100 - 56... worst by 1... PokeSky - 8... worst by 1... Top 50 - 232... same... And now, according to Top 100, we have 66 visitors so far today, and from PokeSky, 81 views.

September 2 - 7:32 AM - v1.75
Today's Updates
Superb ranks still superb!

Well, after seeing the hits yesterday, I think that I should update more. Village - STILL down... [drag] Top 100 - 55... Wow!!! PokeSky - 7... better by 1!! Top 50 - 232!!! HEY!!! YESTERDAY we were at the thousands with Top 50!!! The average still can't be checked because Village is down... but we've got 22 hits so far today! And according to PokeSky the pages have been viewed 449 times! Well, since I don't have any news for you this early morning, and I've just updated last night, you should see last night's update. If you haven't seen it yet, it seems like that NoJ is making a new creation, and NoA hopefully will release it in USA and Canada. I'll defiantly update this afternoon.

September 1 - 8:02 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
A new NoA Creation!
What is with the ranks? 189 visitor today? That's impossible!

The First day of September! It means that 16 more days 'till the release of v1.8! But it also means that school'll start soon... Let's do some math... Pokemon Pikachu device + cartridge slot + rumble pack = new Pokemon Mini, Nintendo's latest handheld creation!! Nintendo announced the latest twist in its already-deep Pokemon product line today at its pre-ECTS press conference in London. The device, called Pokemon Mini, looks and acts a lot like the Tamagotchi-like virtual life toy, Pokemon Pikachu. But rather than just make another toy in the same vein, Nintendo has instead turned the concept into a standalone cartridge-based game system. Pokemon Mini features a D-pad, three buttons (two on the face with one large C button on the right side of the unit), a shock sensor that registers how many times you shake the unit, an infrared port for communicating with up to five other Pokemon Minis, a built-in rumble feature, and a 96x64 LCD display. The system has a built-in clock, and is designed to work with game cartridges. Nintendo showed off four such cartridges today. The games are extremely simple and definitely aimed at a younger, Pokemon-craving audience. The Pokemon Mini will be released in Japan sometime this year and will hit Europe next year. No US plans for the Pokemon Mini have been announced at this time. Screenshots here! Village - down... Top 100 - 83!!! When have we went to the 2 digits? Well, I've recently joined two other top sites, PokeSky's and Top50 Networks... let's look at their ranks since Village is down... PokeSky - 8!!! Whoh! Yesterday we were at 16!!! Top 50 - 1067... [yah, I know] ... better by 400 something! No average today, but according to PokeSky, our site has been view over 300 times, and we've got 189 hits!!! Into the early 3 digits we go!

August 31 - 6:46 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
A lot of gaming news including the Xbox, Gamecube and PS2!

I feels like yesterday that it was a first day of August! And today's already the end of August! So let's party by giving tons of news! Not Pokemon, but this article from LOS ANGELES (Reuters) is still going to get you excited. Since it is very long, you can view it by clicking here. It also gives others chances who don't want to read it pass on. Also included inside is articles about Xbox being delayed in Japan, some Harry Potter news and more on Gamecube being delayed. Village - down... Top 100 - 186... worst... 

August 30 - 5:06 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
Lycos Again! 

Hey, I'm back! And look, I've got Lycos with me again! Here are the results for today... Powerball has taken DBZ's spot at number one this week. That should change since it's not as big of a pot anymore. Pokemon has dropped 3 spots to number 6
1. Powerball
2. Dragonball
3. Morpheus
4. Britney Spears
5. Las Vegas
6. Pokemon
7. Tattoos
8. WWF
9. NFL
10. Golf
Village - 477... same? Top 100 - 180... better... Well, the Village site is down... so I can't check today...

August 29 - 5:48 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
E-Card Scans! 

Hahh... school starts in a few days... which means bad news to everyone... Village - 477... bad... Top 100 - 186... not good... The average is still the same... 13... but the hits... uahh... bad... only 2 this afternoon... let's hope everyone's coming at night... Hey, want some scans? Well, since we haven't gotten much scans lately, here's one from PokeAbode! Click here to view it!

August 28 - 7:33 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
It's something... just look at it... 

Heh... let's start with ranks... Village - 463... same... Top 100 - 170... better by 5... The average is still 13, and we've got 3 more hits since the last update... looks like there's nothing but ranks to update these days.... well, I do have something... About the Super smash Bros., GC-Inside says that Sonic the Hedgehog is in this Game! Wouldn't it be nice to see Mario and Sonic go at it like they are in this Pic along with Pikachu! (If the pic's fake, oh well)... I'm afariad that's it for today... let's hope there'll be more updates tomorrow...

August 28 - 3:17 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
Unexpected ranks... 

Ya... late update last night... and some updates on the spaceworld was updated... And let's start off with ranks again... Village - 463... hey! The ranks actually rised... and I thought that it was going to drop... Top 100 - 175... well, this one got worst... The average still stayed the same... 13, and we've got 5 hits today... an OK number of hits when it's the afternoon... 

August 27 - 10:05 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
Server down yesterday... had to defragment today...
More on Spaceworld and Super Smash Bros.!

Ha, the server was down yesterday, so I couldn't update... and today I did a defragment with my hark disk and it took practically the whole day... [sigh...] Good thing it ended just on time... And, I still updated yesterday, (I'm not THAT lazy, am I?) but I didn't upload it... if you want to see it, it's here. Village - 467... well, better than yesterday... but I think it might drop since I didn't update yesterday. Top 100 - 165... this is better too... please don't let it go down... The average was raised to 13... and 9 hits today... not bad when there's no updates... I hope that it doesn't drop THAT much tomorrow... (in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen) And here's some news... Today in Spaceworld2001, About 3 minutes of footage was shown for the sequel to Super Smash Bros. Super Smash Brothers Melee. Here is a pic by IGN! There will be many more characters in this game! Zelda, Link, and Ganondorf from the Zelda Games are also said to be appearing in Smash Bros. Melee! Also Kirby, Pichu, and many more Pokemon characters are going to be in this game. This game is rated teen, but who cares! This Game is for GameCube and the graphics are excellent! Hopefully I could get a clip of the 3 minute trailer! Back to ranks... Let's hope it doesn't drop...

August 25 - 9:58 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
Superb hits!
A new Pokemon game that interacts with E-Card?

Heh... If you were wondering why it said 9:40 PM in the last update, that was a typo. Anyways, the "typo" updates had some interesting information, including stuff about Kakureon, one of the 3rd generation Pokemon being on TV and with a screenshot too! This morning's "typo" update is one I'd die to share! Village - 548... same... Top 100 - 180... better, hey! The average is still 8... and I can't believe this! 22! Wowie! Thank-you fans!!! [cough] Ok, back to news, which I do have some of... A bit of info has come from Spaceworld about an upcoming Pokemon game that will utilize the E-Card Reader. Not much was discussed on this upcoming Pokemon game, but apparently it will be called Pokemon Summer Road and will interact with the new TCG cards. It's not know when the game will be released, but it's expected to be released in Japan by summer 2002. More info as it comes. You can play Pokemon the Trading Card game with a friend though your GBA except you can use real trading cards instead of the simple electronic ones on the Pokemon TCG Video game! The Pokemon Trading Cards in this Trading Card series will look just like the Pokemon VS Cards except they will be equip with a bar code which is the key part when using the E-Card.

August 25 - 9:40 AM - v1.75
Today's Updates
Some good and bad news...
Gamecube Delayed!
This is old but you might not have heard it before... Kakureon on the Anime!

Huh... school starts in a week, and hopefully I won't be too busy. Just a reminder that PF!1.8 will be released on the 16th of September, and the Version History is screwed up and I'm not going to fix it until the release of 1.8. I think I haven't told you this yet but unfortunately PF! will not be using NewsPro until further notice because my server doesn't support Perl 5. Village - 548... finally up but worst... Top 100 - 207... worst too... The average... has dropped... to 8... and hey! 2 hits this morning! Let's get more! As if NOA hadn't delayed anything else, Nintendo cancels November 5th plans to bring Nintendo GameCube to US! Instead they delayed the release 2 weeks to November 18! Yes, Parents do have only 36 Days to get a hold of the GameCube and give it to their Children for Christmas! I'm also sure a lot of you people might be able to get the GameCube which is predicted to be one of the hottest Christmas Gifts this year! Japanese could get their GameCube on September 14th! Well, the upcoming news are some old news but you might not have heard it before! Kakureon made it's first appearance on Thursday, July 5 in "Kakureon is Somewhere! Pokemon That Cannot Be Seen"! This Episode is a key episode as Pokemon takes one small step for a Pokemon and one giant leap towards Pokemon's 3rd Generation!

August 24 - 5:13 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
Heh, none...

Yah, a very close update, eh? Well, a few hours ago I've posted some news on Southern Islands, and even got a scan. Village - still down... Top 100 - 200... better... I hope I'll have something to update when I get back...

August 24 - 2:40 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
Southern Islands!

Here's to boost you up. Pojo finally got his hands on a Southern Island Collection set today. He said that he must admit that it's pretty cool.  He already owned the Japanese version of the Southern Island cards, and since there really weren't any power house cards in here, he said wasn't even turning my head to look at this.  But when he stumbled across this, he just had to own it.  Not only do you get the 18 cards from the Southern Island collection (including 6 reverse holofoils), but you also get:

  • A cool full size binder that holds a lot of cards
  • A cool slip case to slide your binder in
  • 6 postcards 
  • 9 pocket pages
  • and 3 random booster packs of cards

All in all, not too shabby for a retail price of $19.99.  If you are a collector, I'd recommend picking this up. Village - down...Top 100 - 229... uahh... bad... I'll come back later today...

August 23 - 9:44 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
More E-Card News!

A little earlier than yesterday, but I still think I should update earlier. Sorry for that. If you're wondering about some CoroCoro, some of them, well, one of them was updated yesterday, with a translation. [yah!] Village - 508... well, it's still good... Top 100 - 196... worst by 1? Well, the average is still 10... and only 4 hits... what a drag... So, the try to boost the ranks, here's some goodies PokeMasters are sharing with us. Here's 5 images of the upcoming Card E Reader that have surfaced from Spaceworld 2001.
Scanning a Celebi card vertically.
Scanning a Celebi card horizontally.
Card E start up screen.
Celebi game.
Hoppip game.
A brief overview of the Card E Reader. There are new Pokemon trading cards being released in Japan that have barcodes located on the left and bottom sides of the cards. When you swipe one of these cards with the Card E Reader you can access little mini games featuring the Pokemon on the card, and access Pokedex data. Unfortunately, that's all for today... see you tomorrow!

August 22 - 10:11 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
An Almost Full list of the Qualifiers!
Another CoroCoro! (E-Card!)
The CoroCoro Promo Translation!

Sorry I'm a bit late tonight, so let's get started! Village - 514... worst by 2??? How weird... Top 100 - 195... better by 4... is there a math guy behind this? Worst by 2... better by 4... The average... it's still 10... and an extraordinary 12 hits it is... thanks a bunch to you too! Well, for Canadians, I have a special announcement. Well, for "Toronto-ians" and "Ottawa-ians", acutally... because these two cities made it to the qualifiers! Click here for the almost full list of the other qualifiers. Thanks to PA! for bring this up. And... another Coro Coro Promo! A Celebi! Click here to view it from PokeAddict.Net! It's also an E-Card! Folks at PA! also has a scan of it and here it is!

(Special Pokémon 2001 Jumbo card)
'Mystic' Celebi (NO)LV HP50

W Restoration Light ()
Each player may take [1/any number of] Basic Pokémon from his or her discard pile and put them on his or her Bench. (A player can't do this if his or her Bench is full.)

(Weak:R Retreat:1)

Odd that a Celebi would require water energy, but it does. Also, thanks to Dr N Ashtear, the proper 'prefix' of the name was found. It is not Mystic, but infact 'Time-Surpassing Celebi', or something along those lines. ^_^ Here is an excerpt from his post explaining how he came to that conclusion:

"The first character is Toki, meaning Time
The second is wo. It is an article that is putting your attention on Toki (actually, it makes toki the direct object of a sentence).
The third (you'll like this) is Kosu, a verb meaning to surpass.
The fourth and fifth are e and ta respectively. I have no idea what these are as I do not speak Japanese. I think they have something to do with the conjugation of kosu.
After these are the katakana that make up Celebi's name.
Anyway, an accurate translation of the name would be Time Surpassing Celebi (more like Celebi that Surpasses Time)."

Thanks a bunch to PA! today!

August 21 - 4:33 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
Australians get Celebi!

First off, let's do the ranks first again... Village - 512... that's great! Top 100 - 199... this one got worst... Well, it looks like that our average went back to 10, and a little number 3 is the hits... com'on people! Let's get more! This doesn't really concern us North Americans but here it is: In the August edition of Disney Adventures you can find this quote: "Pokemon Crystal will definitely be released in Australia. At this stage, it's in September, and Nintendo will conduct a National Pokemon tour to celebrate. Held at Westfield shoppingtowns around the country, there will be live shows and a chance to download the ultra-rare 251st Pokemon, Celebi." We'll try to post more information on the tour dates when they become available. This is it, but I'll try to come back tonight... if I get any spare time off ...

August 20 - 5:20 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
Season 4!

Well, first off, the ranks had gotten worst... look... Village - 535... Top 100 - 197... The average dropped by 2! Only 9!!! And we've only had 5 hits so far... please get more! Well, it's almost time for school [sigh], and then the ranks will get even lower... I've just received a notice today that the past 2 episodes were actually the premieres of Season 4! And I do have some sort of bad news... v1.8 will NOT release on the 1st of September... but it will be once again planned to be released on the 3ed Sunday of September, which is the 16th. I don't think there will be anymore need of pushing. I'm actually done the whole thing, for those of you who think I haven't even started it yet, but it's for some purposes that I can't tell you about until the version is released.

August 19 - 5:24 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
Wowe ranks!

No news but ranks again this afternoon... maybe I'll boost something later today... Village - 508... same... Top 100 - 187... same too... The average is still 11, but we did manage to get a mere 3 hits... and we still need more.

August 19 - 9:57 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
Wowe ranks!

Whew! This is probably the earliest update I've ever done... Look at the ranks! Village - 508... wow! Top 100 - 187... this is awesome! I couldn't thank you enough! But, I just hope our opening rank for v1.8 will be below 500... Our average has increased a lot... from yesterday's 8... to today's 11! But, since it's just the start of Sunday (the day virtual traffic are low), we don't have ANY hits yet...

August 18 - 6:22 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
New Pokemon Episodes!

Well, just to remind you again, as said in yesterday's news, v1.8 will be released sometime in September, and the Version History is screwed up so don't bother going there. Village - 544... worst... Top 100 - 204... better? Well, the average went back to 8, but woah! 14 hits so far today! And it's only the evening! Let's hope that we'll get more tonight so our rank would go higher again. WB viewers might've seen Pokemon this morning for two new episodes of Pokemon to start out the new season called "The Johto League Championships". Check out your local listings to find out when "A Goldenrod Opportunity" and "A Dairy Tale Ending" will be airing since it is different from station to station. That's it for now, but I might come back tonight...

August 17 - 8:37 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
v1.8 will be out soon!
Crystal is SOLD OUT!

Very soon, sometime in September, we're going to release our newest version, v1.8! It's planned to be released on September 1st, but we might still push it back a little if necessary. The version history page is currently messed up now, so the information there won't be accurate. I've also decided that since it's screwed up, I'm not going to fix it until the release of v1.8 because I'd want you to have a little surprise. Village - 530... I knew it... worst... Top 100 - 226... by 5? Why? Well, Village site is down today so I can't check the average. And to "sparkle" you up, Nintendo announced recently that Pokemon Crystal has already sold over 600,000 copies in the two weeks it has been out. And people say Pokemon is dead...

August 16 - 5:37 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
A clip of the Harry TCG release in London!
An article on the "Modified" Format!

For Non-Harry fans, I really should say sorry for posting so many Harry info. The only reason why I do it is because a lot of people ARE Harry fans, and I don't have quite enough stuff to open a Harry site... and here's some Harry info... skip it if you want with the links from Today's updates... Wizards of the Coast sent Pojo the following email  last tonight:  "As you may know, the Harry Potter Trading Card Game became available for everyone to collect and play last week. We had a great event in the UK to celebrate to get kids playing and to get people excited.  We have a video clip 
that will soon be on the official Harry Potter website,but we'd love it if you had a link to the video as well.
So, without further adieu, Click Here to see see the Video. Pojo also has some really neat piece of article that I think would help a lot of as a lot. Ness from Pojo has written up an article on the modified format... read it here. Village - 519... better... Top 100 - 221... worst? Hmm... I wonder when we're going to get back to our 500- ranks? The average today had raised, but only 5 hits... so it may go back down tomorrow. Good thing it's still the late-afternoon-early-evening... 

August 15 - 4:51 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
An interview with a Captain in the US Army that is the 2nd best at the TCG!

Pojo's Jason Klaczynski has an awesome Interview today with the 2nd Best Pokemon CCG Player in the world.  And he happens to be a Captain in the U.S. Army Stationed in Germany!  How Cool! Read it here! Pokemon at #4.  The Top 10 Search Terms at Lycos for the Week Ending August 11, 2001:
1) Dragonball
2) Tattoos
3) Britney Spears
4) Pokemon
5) Las Vegas
6) WWF
7) Morpheus
8) Final Fantasy
9) IRS
10) Pamela Anderson
Village - 553... worst... but why? Top 100 - 193... better? The average today has dropped by one to 8, and OH no! we've only got 7 hits! We definatly need more, and it's a good thing too that there's still the night and the evening.

August 14 - 7:06 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
ALL the scans of the Harry Potter TCG!
Some nice Pokemon: 3 DVD info!

For Harry TCG lovers, this is for you. Folks over a Pojo spent nights and days putting a complete set of all the scans of the Harry Potter TCGs. Check'em out here! Christian from Pojoo sent some great information! "I pre-ordered the DVD release of Pokemon the Movie 3 and was expecting delivery after the date of release in the USA of 21st August. However to my surprise I received my copy today - a week before release and I am in the UK. The disc comes with a couple of goodies :-
Unown Decoder Disc - this is a holographic style round disc which in one light shows the letters of the Alphabet and in other light the unown symbol for that letter.
Unown J Back star promo number 38." Read the rest here! Well, that's it for today... not doing ranks today...

August 13 - 10:02 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
Just a reminder...

Whoh! Lots of information was given out this afternoon and you'd br crazy if you miss that out! Just a reminder, September 5th is the debut of the new season of Pokémon Johto episodes. There will be 52 of them in that season, be sure to watch 'em all! Village - 521... same... Top 100 - 209... worst? Well, the average is still 9, and we've JUST got 1 more hit from this afternoon.

August 13 - 4:19 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
Pojo updates Apprentice!
US AND UK 15+ players banned!
nick15 of PA! is leaving!
Now on AIM!

Well, yah.... no news yesterday, and that's the first time too... Pojo just updated the Pokemon Apprentice Patch again.  (Just in case you don't know, Apprentice allows you to play the Pokemon TCG over the Internet against other players worldwide).  It's got some corrections, plus the new SI cards and the "Modified" format.  More details are in Pojo's Apprentice League site and Apprentice Patch page. NEW out! Wizards of the Coast is not allowing people ages 15+ to participate in either the U.S. OR U.K. STS PTQ's! That sucks! US is enough but now they have to stop it in UK as well? Well, at least there're not banning Canada! Umm... here is some sad news... nick15, who has helped us here quite a lot, is leaving the TCG and his 2.5 year old site, PA! Read more about it here... Village - 521... yah! Top 100 - 203... by 3? Well, our average has actually gone down... 'till 9... but we do already have 10 hits so far today, only in the afternoon! Well, to conclude today's news, I'm now on AIM, and since I never gave you any kind of nickname, it's pokjonlai. My real name is Jonathan Lai. You can AIM me here, or at the top of the screen under PF! Stuff!

August 12 - 5:30 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates

Well, yesterday's talk was kinda neat... Southern Island lovers, yesterday's update was for you! Village - down... Top 100 - 227... well, since Tops went down, I'm supposing the Village's rank gotten worst too... And, no news this afternoon.... what a drag...

August 11 - 5:59 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
Scyre Talks about Harry!
Southern Island Scans!
Top 5 Renting Video Game Titles!

How does Scyre (right) plan to sell issues this month?  By putting Harry potter on the cover of course.  There are only 5 pages of Harry Potter inside, but it's a good read.  Something I found interesting from inside: The Harry Potter Base Set design & development team are "all veteran Wizards of the Coast R&D members and have extensive experience designing & developing TCG's including Magic The Gathering.  Development on the Harry Potter Game began in November 1999, so the game has been nearly two years in the making."   You definitely get the Magic: The Gathering flavor impacted on this game. Village - 574... why has it gone down by so much??? Top 100 - 206... worst by 5 only? Wierd...

Well, since the ranks had majorly decreased, I decided to boost you with some news. There will be a new Pokemon CD out soon (October 9). The title will be Pokemon Christmas Bash. Click here to order it from! And click here to view some Southern Islands Scans! And here is the Top 5 Renting Video Game Titles For the Week Ending August 5, 2001 Weekly Total Street Earnings Earnings Rank Title Platform Date (M) (M) 

1 Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec PS2 07/13/01 $0.43 $1.91 
2 Mario Party 3 N64 05/07/01 $0.25 $5.37 
3 NBA Street PS2 06/19/01 $0.24 $1.95 
4 Twisted Metal: Black PS2 06/19/01 $0.21 $2.54 
5 Pokemon Stadium 2 N64 03/27/01 $0.21 $6.11


August 10 - 9:37 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
Slow news night...

Well, no news tonight, and Village is still down. Top 100 - 201... worst? Hmm... Well, I do have a nice piece of good news to share. Sometime soon, Pokemon Forever! might be starting to use NewsPro!

August 10 - 1.52 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
Another new qualifier?

Some cool updates were held yesterday night, and you wouldn't want to miss it. Pojo pointed out to us that it appears the West Coast Super Trainer Showdown will be taking place at the San Diego Convention Center on December 1 & 2.  WOTC hasn't stated it officially yet, but SD Convention Center has it listed on their website calendar... and they are planning for attendance of 5,000 !!! Well, Village is down today... and Top 100 - 192... better! Maybe the Village rank is better too!

August 9 - 9:40 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
Umm... I don't know how to explain it, but something cool...
New Qualifiers!
Wizards chat today about FORMATS!

Not sure how many of you watch Sportscenter, but there's a funny Sportscenter commercial where Heavyweight boxer Lance "Goofi" Whittaker and news anchor Kenny Mayne are discussing the differences between Pokemon & Digimon.  This commercial can be viewed on the ESPN website on this page:
- Look for a video called "Pop Tart"

Thanks to Pojo for letting us know. Going to something else, there are four more Qualifiers announced, the new ones are Utah, Nevada, Oregon, and New Mexico. But for those of you who didn't catch the list we had before, here is the WHOLE list.
9/8/01 SF Bay Area CA
9/15/01 Salt Lake City UT
9/15/01 Memphis TN
9/15/01 Philadelphia PA
9/15/01 New York NY
9/16/01 Roanoke VA
9/22/01 Orlando FL
9/29/01 Chicago IL
9/29/01 Dallas TX
9/29/01 Raleigh NC
10/6/01 Las Vegas NV
10/13/01 Eugene OR
10/13/01 Denver CO
10/13/01 Houston TX
10/13/01 Syracuse NY
10/13/01 Minneapolis MN
10/14/01 Kansas City KS
10/14/01 Washington DC
10/14/01 Toronto ON
10/20/01 Atlanta GA
10/27/01 Albuquerque NM
10/28/01 Boston MA
About the formats, the wizards chat today Mike had something to say about it:
master_trainer_mike says, "Now an announcement for you."

master_trainer_mike says, "The West Coast Qualifiers will be using the new Pokemon format."

master_trainer_mike says, "This new format, called MODIFIED will be available for sanctioned tournaments starting September 1st"

master_trainer_mike says, "Since the QT's start on the 8th, we thought it appropriate to use it for the QT's."

master_trainer_mike says, "Currently Modified allows you to use cards from Team Rocket, Gym Heroes, Gym Challenge, Neo Genesis, Neo Discovery, and Southern Islands as well as all promo cards we have released EXCEPT"

master_trainer_mike says, "for Ancient Mew and Birthday Pikachu."

master_trainer_mike says, "Also Neo Genesis Sneasel is Banned!"

master_trainer_mike says, "AND you cannot use any promo cards that are just stamped or colored variants form sets not allowed (so no Pre-Release Aerodactyls for example)."

master_trainer_mike says, "This format will change over time as new sets come out, watch the chat and our web site for future changes."

master_trainer_mike says, "Keep in mind the QT's will be sanctioned as well."
Well, there you have it... Village - 534... worst... Top 100 - 213... better? Well, the average has dropped today to 14... and we only have 4 hits today? Why? What's happening to Pokemon Forever? Why is this happening to me?

August 8 - 10:10 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
Pokemon: 3 on VHS!

'Pokemon 3: The Movie' is coming out on home video. Enter the sweeps by finding the hidden Unowns in Kids Only.

Yet again AOL is having another Pokemon Contest! Each week an Unown will be hidden somewhere in the Kids Only Channel. Use the clues to find them. Once you do so, click and you can enter the sweepstakes! There are a total of 25 prizes to be won. Five Grand Prizes: A VHS tape of Pokemon 1, 2 and 3 (approximate retail value: $53.00); Twenty 1st Prizes: A Pokemon 3 VHS tape (approximate retail value: $23.00). The Clue for this week is...

When it's time for Homework Help, this is where you would go to learn about History.

Click here for the Sweepstakes Rules

Wow, 3 updates today, and there's not too less info on each one! Village - 528... still... Top 100 - 217... better by 1, actually! Well since our rank is the same, the average is still the same, 15, but we've once again got more hits tonight! Now we've got 10! And it'll also be good to squeeze in a couple more...

August 8 - 5:31 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
UKers get a neat surprise!
A Pokemon GameShark!

Well, there were quite some news this afternoon if you missed it. I'm probably not going to be here tonight so I'm boosting you one this evening. Here's some news if you're in the UK. Make your way to Toys R Us at one of the following locations in the UK and you can grab yourself an official Celebi for your G/S gamepak. Not only that you'll be able to play Pokemon Crystal and Pokemon Stadium 2 weeks before they are released.

Location Date
Bristol 23/08/2001
Birmingham 24/08/2001
Leeds 25/08/2001
Dundee 27/08/2001
Brent Cross (London) 29/08/2001

Remember, it's ONLY for UKers! Well, some sharkers may be shocked about the following news. Interact, the company that makes Gameshark, is releasing a special edition Pokemon Gameshark. It will be pre-loaded with all the Gameshark codes you'd ever need for Pokemon Crystal, AND all of the previous Gameboy Pokemon games. Of course if that's not enough, you can always add more. Not only that, but this Gameshark will also be compatable with Game Boy Advance. You can find this Gameshark later this month for $24.99. Village - 528... worst by 5... Top 100 - 218... The average today is still 15 (thank god!), but only 5 hits!!! Please!

August 8 - 2:21 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
An Article on Phil!
Lycos Top 50!
TCG2 and E-card Reader news!

Well, for those of you that are still talking about Phil, Gym Leader Phil from Pojo has his thoughts about him on the suspention. Read it here! And now... Lycos! Pokemon at #6.  The Top 10 Search Terms for the Week Ending August 4, 2001:
1) Dragonball
2) Code Red Virus
3) Tattoos
4) Britney Spears
5) WWF
6) Pokemon
7) Las Vegas
8) Morpheus
9) The IRS
10) Final Fantasy
Thanks to PA!, I figured that Nintendo and WotC would probably not be making TCG2 for GBA, but they'll be making the E-card Reader... Well, it's either one or the other.

August 7 - 10:22 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
Something about a Pokemon Cartoon episode?

Whew! Good thing I was able to squeeze some time to update. This afternoon, there was a talk about Phil... and you'd probably want to read it if you missed it and you're a TCG player. If you watch the cartoon often, here is some news that you might be concerned about. This Saturday on Kids WB a new episode of Pokemon will air that was previously skipped for some reason, The Psychic Sidekicks. You'll have to check your local listings for when it airs since I've seen different times when I was confirming this information. Thanks to PokeMasters for pointing this out. Village - 523... Top 100 - down... Well, the average is still the same, 15, and from 3 o'clock's 4 hits, only 2 more came in, that means that only 6 hits today! I need more!

August 7 - 3:03 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
Phil Mondiello?

One of the hottest Pokemon topics on Message Boards these days involves Phil Mondiello.  Phil was the #1 Pokemon CCG player in the world.  Phil recently received a 4 year suspension from the Wizards of the Coast DCI. "Infraction: False Tournament Reports - Providing False Information to the DCI".  Phil was a 13 year old judge trying to boost his friend's Pokemon & Magic The Gathering DCI rating. Phils was trying to get his friend a bye at the East Coast Super Trainer Showdown. What did Phil do?   He put his friend in tourneys that his friend never played in, and sent in false reports by giving him wins he never received.   He falsified the number of participants in a tourney to ensure it was sanctioned. Wotc's DCI discovered this and banned Phil for 4 years from playing in DCI sanctioned events.  Some folks think that is fair punishment for the crime.  Some thought it was too harsh.  While others think he should be prevented in playing in future Pokemon Leagues and receive other penalties. Thanks a lot to Pojo for letting us know such an important article. Village - 523... surely has gotten worst... by 23 too... Top 100 - 233... better by 1??? I just hope that the ranks'll be better tonight when I come back... Well, the average today dropped from yesterday's 16 to today's 15... it's dropping everyday by 1... what'll I do? And only a mere 4 hits too... But maybe more people will come at night...

August 6 - 7:37 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
More Gen Con!

Master Trainer Mike announced a new Pokemon DCI format on the Wizards of the Coast Message Board over the weekend.  The format looks as if it will be "Rocket On" (Team Rocket, Gym: Heroes, Gym: Challenge, Neo: Genesis, Neo: Discovery, Southern Islands, and any American Promo release) ... Here's MTM's quote:

"Starting September 1st you will be able to start sanctioning the new Pokemon format. We are finalizing the floor rules for it as we speak (well not RIGHT now, right now I am at Gen Con running the Pokemon Gym). Hint: You won't have to worry about those overplayed ER/SER/Wiggly/Sneasels in this format.  We have have heard what you are saying.

Master Trainer Mike"

After visiting Gen Con, Pojo has something to say, " I spent all of Saturday at Gen Con. Tourneys were held in a huge gaming area on the first floor, where I'm guessing more than a thousand people could play CCG's ... all at the same time (Pokemon, Magic, DBZ, Raw Deal, etc.).  Dealers, and Game Companies took up the entire second floor.  Wizards of the Coast had a large chunk of this area.  Master Trainer Pat was there running some Pokemon Challenge action.  It was $5 to play.  You got a Birthday Pikachu badge (a real Birthday Pikachu card inside a badge you hang from your neck), a blind pull at a rare card (foils & promos included) a booster pack, and got to challenge other people.  Not bad for $5.  Below is a photo I took of the gaming area. 

Village - 500... not bad... Top 100 - 234... 11... Well, from yesterday's average of 17, it has dropped to 16??? And we have 6 hits... not bad, but I think that there's still room for improvement.

August 5 - 9:00 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
Gen Con!
GS Ball Unlocked!

First of all, sorry for being off yesterday... And secondly, I, personally missed Gen Con, but folks at Pojo didn't miss it, and they've got something to say, "A few of us spent the day at Gen Con today.  We met the good People at WOTC (MTG, Pokemon, Harry Potter), and Score (DBZ Card Game) and Comic Images (WWF Raw Deal Card Game), as well as some of our cool advertisers.  It was a ton of fun. Over 170 people entered the Raw Deal CCG tourney.  This game is riding a nice wave of popularity.  We snapped dozens of pictures ... we'll try posting some tomorrow.  It's time to kick off my shoes and enjoy a cold one!" Well, it sounded like a lot of fun... too bad I missed it. In other news, now that we know Crystal has some secrets to it, we've also discovered the Gameshark code to get the mysterious GS Ball on your Crystal game cartridge. To access it, type in the code 917393D8 on your v3.1 or higher Gameshark to put the GS Ball in the first slot of your backpack. I haven't tried this code myself because I'm not a sharker, but if you would like to try it, feel free to do so. Some say you'll need 16 badges in order for Kurt to accept the GS Ball. If anyone receives positive results when giving the GS Ball to Kurt, please contact us and we will give you full credit as always. Thanks a whole lot to PA! for this information that might attract sharkers. Village - 508... hmm... Top 100 - 243... yah, worst... Well, it's probably of two reasons... first, because this is the long weekend, and secondly, and mainly I think is because I wasn't here yesterday... and the average is... 17??? Oh my! But we only got 2 hits... again probably of the 2 reasons... Yesterday, the version history got changed... for people who want to know approx. when v1.8 will release (which I am already working on now), that is the perfect place to view it.

August 3 - 7:35 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates
More Harry! Yah!
Pokemon at Six Flags!
Southern Islands Cards Info!
Top 5 Renting Games!

Well?!  Is this the Charizard of the Harry Potter Trading Card Game?   We'd guess that it is.  Maybe it's a good time to get some of these while they're cheap, because you know they'll be worth a lot just before Christmas. A spoiler has also been finished by the folks over at Pojo... Click here to see the spoiler. Experience the Pokémon excitement at Pokémon Fun Fest ....coming to Six Flags Theme Parks across the country. Complete schedule and details shown below. Check out the latest in Pokémon video games. Be sure to bring your Pokémon game pak to participate in head-to-head competitions as well as random play action in our game play area. PLUS - If you bring Pokémon Gold, Silver or Crystal version, you can get the rare Pokémon Celebi added to your game pak! You'll also have a chance to play the Pokémon Trading Card Game and to check out the infamous Pikachu & Lugia cars. While at the event, make sure to join in on the activities to win cool prizes. Don't forget to bring your camera and have your picture taken with Pikachu!

Six Flags Over Georgia August 4-12, 2001
Six Flags AstroWorld August 4-12, 2001
Six Flags St. Louis August 4-12, 2001
Six Flags Great America August 18-26, 2001
Six Flags Elitch Gardens August 18-26, 2001
Six Flags Great Adventure August 18-26, 2001
Six Flags Magic Mountain September 1-9, 2001
Six Flags New England September 1-3, 2001
  September 8-9, 2001
Six Flags Worlds of Adventure September 1-3, 2001
  September 8-9, 2001
* No Word If You Have To Pay Six-Flags To Get In *

The Southern Islands Collection set has eighteen cards you've probably never seen before. These rare Pokémon make their homes in the Southern Islands, and this is the first time they've been spotted on our shores! You even get six collectors' postcards that show the coolest places on the Islands, plus some nasty surprises for your opponents-like Mew and Exeggutor! Southern Islands Collection Contents:

Three-ring binder with a unique wraparound design
18 cards (6 reverse holo)
6 postcards
3 boosters (from recent expansions)
9-up card sleeves
Top 5 Renting Video Game Titles For the Week Ending July 22, 2001. Weekly Total Street Earnings Earnings Rank Title Platform Date (M) (M) 

1 Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec PS2 07/13/01 $0.55 $0.96 
2 Twisted Metal: Black PS2 06/19/01 $0.30 $2.08 
3 NBA Street PS2 06/19/01 $0.29 $1.44 
4 Mario Party 3 N64 05/07/01 $0.27 $4.83 
5 Pokemon Stadium 2 N64 03/27/01 $0.22 $5.67

Village - 500... hmm... no change... Top 100 - 203... defiantly worser... Well, today we have an average of 13... and 47 hits??? How could this happen!!??

August 2 - 8:05 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates:
We've busted a Harry Potter Booster!

We just busted our first booster box of Harry Potter CCG cards! They have been shipped to those who pre-ordered.  I'm guessing the foil of the Harry Potter character card is the "Charizard" of this set.  We are working on a spoiler and more card scans for you.  We'll try to scan the Harry Potter foil for you later on today. Village still has something wrong with it... and Top is still up... Top 100 - 189... well, since Top 100 is going up, I'm guessing that Village is going up too.

August 2 - 11:07 AM - v1.75
Today's Updates:
GenCon starts today!

Well, I decided to boost you with some updates, since this I won't be here part of this weekend. Let's start... For those of you who didn't know it, Gen Con starts today!  What is Gen Con?  Gen Con is a huge Game Fair where hundreds of different games get played: Board Games; Trading Card Games; Card Games; Miniatures; Role Playing Games; etc.  The will be playing Magic: The Gathering, DBZ CCG, Pokemon, Harry Potter, Dungeons & Dragons, Scrabble, chess, etc, etc, etc.  Many of these are championship tournaments. Gen Con is held in Milwaukee, WI and runs through Sunday.  Wizards of the Coast has a Virtual Gen Con site - "an online extension of the game fair. Those who cannot attend the convention or just can't get to every event during the weekend can get a glimpse of what they missed on these pages. Our camera crews work around the clock during the show to bring you both still photos and video footage of events, guests, and much more!" If you remember what I told you a couple days ago, PA! is having a new version, PA!6! What's so special? Well, it just happens to be today, 1 day after OUR release of v1.75! Well, Village is still down... the bug probably, and Top 100 - 197... yah... I appreciate it.

August 1 - 10:05 PM - v1.75
Today's Updates:
The release of v1.75!
Let's get Harry!
WotC Stopped selling Pokemon stuff?

Can you believe it? It's already August! And also the release date of v1.75! As usual, the Versions History Section has the updates and the information of the future versions, which by the way had been updated today. We've got another Harry Potter card scan for you  today.  This is "4 Privet Drive".  This is the first time we've scanned an Adventure Card! Now I took a quick look-see at, and let me tell you what I saw? No Pokémon merchandice! Mein gott, what's next? Why did this happen? .... It's probably because of all that curse'ed Harry Potter stuff, isn't it?! Oh, opening ranks now... pretty excited...Village - 500... now what I wanted it to be... Top 100 - 219... this one is better... Hey, what do you know! Our average has gone up to 13 today! And a so so good 7 hits... I just hope we'll get more tonight. If you came from our geocities page, you'll notice that I've changed the demi-splash page.

July 31 - 8:21 PM - v1.6
Current updates:
PF! Top 5 updated!
Code Red Virus!
nick15 is laying off staff!
Southern Island cards out?

OK, first thing's first... There's been a NEW virus that is spreading rapidly! It's the Code Red Worm! This morning, it had spread all over Switzerland, and by 8:00PM (About half an hour ago) it spread all around the whole world! This virus doesn't harm your computer (At least that was the results so far) and it ONLY harms Computer servers... like the one we have here... let's hope it doesn't get to us... Even though that it doesn't harm your computer, or at least doesn't now,  if you found it on your computer, you can Warm Boot your computer to get it out of your R.A.M. (Random Access Memory). That's all I got for now... if you have ANY information about this... many, MANY people would appreciate it! OK, back to Pokemon. PA!'s webmaster, nick15, had to LAY-OFF some staff! Here's what HE has to say! "Due to company cut-backs and the impending recessions set for the US economy, Poké had to unfortunately lay off 500 workers, a whopping 7,124% of our company. This will ultimately save the company up to an estimated $5 to $10, slowing down production in an effort to save the company from going bankrupt. Hopefully at the end of this recession (estimated to occur around 2005), we will be able to rehire the staff and resume business as normal." Sad... Well, you ask where's the Harry Potter? HERE! We've got another one here! Well according to this fellow from WizPOG, the Southern Island gift set is already out at select Wizards stores. Hmmm! .... So pick one, or even two up today! You know you need those reverse holo Mews! Village - 495... yah... I know it's better by 4... by this ain't what I'd expect... Top 100 - 226... this is wierd... And, for some reason, I can't get the averages from Village today... maybe the worm got them.

News Headlines!
August 1- PF!v1.75 is up today!!!

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1 1 Pojo
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