Some Highlights of "Revolution in Physics"

    "Revolution in Physics", which is the result of years of research and investigation, introduces discoveries which will undoubtedly change fundamental understandings of the physical universe, let alone the science of physics.
    "Revolution in Physics" introduces a series of important discoveries such as that of the samareh, a subatomic particle that revolves around an electron. The discovery of the samareh solves all problems related to electrons, magnetism and electricity.
    But the fundamental verity which this book strives to re-establish above all is the existence of ether, a fact which Einstein not only rejected but turned the whole world against. We know that all the infinite variety of physical existence that we can see and touch is composed of a hundred or so elements such as oxygen, hydrogen, iron, etc. We know also that these hundred or so elements are made from only several ingredients, namely the proton, electron, positron, etc. Evidence tells us that these several ingredients must be made of only one ingredient which we call the ether particle. Just as the beginning of all numbers is one, so are all the diversities of creation made from one ingredient, namely ether.  The ether particle then is the building block of all matter. The existence of ether as an invisible substance in space and as the building block of all that exists physically, can be compared to water molecules which can exist in different forms, such as invisible humidity in air, as water in the sea, or as a solid like ice or snow on the ground.
   The scientists of the 19th century such as Faraday, Young and Fresnel, Lord Kelvin, Maxwell, Hertz and many others, conducted a series of experiments that led them to conclude, with absolute conviction, that space is filled with ether. They arrived at the understanding that ether particles must exist everywhere: within and outside atoms, in air, in outer space and even in all man-made vacuums. They concluded that light is from the wave and vibration of ether just as sound is from the wave and vibration of air. The understanding that ether exists led Hertz to the discovery of the radio wave.
    With this understanding one realizes that due to the fact that the space around us is filled with both air and ether, many disturbances, such as the impact of a sledgehammer on a hard stone, affect both air and ether and thus generate both sound and light. That is why natural lightning, sparks, explosions -- nuclear or non-nuclear, etc. generate both light and sound.
    Moreover, one also realizes that the light and heat of a nuclear explosion results only from the disturbances and friction that sudden vaporization and expansion of volume create in ether. Since both light and sound are waves, all the laws such as reflection, deflection, diffraction, refraction, the Doppler effect, interference, etc., for both sound and light are exactly the same. All the radiations, namely gamma rays, X-rays, visible light, infrared, heat waves, radio waves, etc., are simply the wave and vibration of ether, differing only in frequency. All radiations emanating from an atom are generated by disturbances that the motions of subatomic particles create in ether. Hence, gamma rays are generated by the fast spin and vibration of the nucleus in ether. Heat is generated by the fast orbital motion of electrons around the nucleus. Light is generated by the fast spiral motion of the samareh around an electron. The fast motion of an electron or an ion in ether creates disturbances or friction in ether which in turn generate light which we call sparks or lightning. The light of comets is exactly the same phenomenon. The fast motion of a comet in ether generates friction and light. The tail of a comet is similar to the wake of a moving motorboat in water. The rings around the planets are the same phenomenon: the fast motion of a moon around a planet creates friction and tail waves in ether, which we see as a ring around the planet. The light of the sun is also from disturbances in ether.
    Contrary to what physicists currently believe, the light of the sun is not from unexplainable and exhaustible nuclear reactions supposedly occurring deep in the centre of the sun, but rather from violent surface disturbances that affect ether. Furthermore, the sun is not composed solely of gases, but its surface is covered by an ocean of hot and radioactive liquid that is continuously ionizing the atmosphere and creating storms with such intensity and power that the ether is agitated into extreme excitation and vibration. These vibrations of ether reach us as the light and heat of the sun which is, contrary to current belief, an inexhaustible source of energy.
    "Revolution in Physics" explains how the magnetic force is created from the current of ether. It reasons that the flow of ether has some characteristics similar to the flow of air. As the flow of air can create forces of pressure and suction, similarly the flow of ether creates the magnetic forces of attraction and repulsion. Unlike the pressure of air which can be felt on the surface of our skin, ether pressure, (the magnetic force) can not be felt on the surface of the skin because ether particles are so small that they pass through our bodies without exerting noticeable pressure.
    The understanding that all space is filled with ether led 19th century scientists to many predictions, such as the radio wave, which were subsequently proven to be true. Based on the understanding that a body moving in ether must encounter a resistive pressure of ether, Lorenz was able to develop his theory of relativity and its formulas that up to this date scientists use. Just as a body moving in air encounters the resistive pressure of air that compresses the body, a body moving in ether encounters a resistive pressure of ether and as a result, contracts in the direction of motion. The mass increase of a moving body is because the body not only encounters the resistive pressure of ether, but it also drags some of the compressed ether and as a result, the body behaves as if its mass is increased. Inertia is a force created by the resistance of ether to acceleration or deceleration just as water resists acceleration and deceleration.
   One of the important discoveries in "Revolution in Physics" is that the nuclei of atoms spin, and that their spin in ether creates the force of gravity. The spin of the nucleus in ether solves all the problems about gravitational force with such simplicity that it amazes the mind. Furthermore, the spin of the nucleus explains the limited size and stability of an atom. It also explains why the nuclei of some atoms generate gamma rays. It was shown that alpha particles get their speed from the spin of the nucleus. The spin enables us to calculate the size of the nucleus. If one compares the explanations about the cause of gravity that have been provided in this book with Einstein's, one will find that on the one hand, all the explanations in this book are based on simple laws of nature and can be proven by simple experiment. On the other hand, upon reading Einstein's paper from the beginning to the end, one will find himself or herself bombarded by complicated mathematical equations and formulas derived from assumptions that have nothing to do with either the laws of nature or our physical experience. Interpretations and unrelated conclusions will be found that have nothing to do with reality.
    All three forces of nature, namely the electric, magnetic and gravitational forces, result from the flow of ether. The spin of an electron in ether creates what we call the electric field.
    The solar wind is created by the spin of the sun in ether and, contrary to what scientists believe, nothing leaves the sun's atmosphere.
    "Revolution in Physics" proves that all planets and comets drag an atmosphere of ether. The earth also drags ether as it orbits the sun. With the advent of rockets, scientists have been able to conduct experiments beyond the air atmosphere, deep into space where they have discovered the earth's magnetosphere, the bow shock and beyond it the solar wind, which at once explain why the Michelson and Morley experiment, even at heights of a mountain, obtained null results. Michelson and Morley's experiment, the phenomenon of stellar aberration, the discovery of the earth's magnetosphere, a comet's coma and other results all confirm the earth's drag of ether.
    "Revolution in Physics" investigates why scientists abandoned the concept of ether at the beginning of this century, and with it the most fundamental pillars of science, such as universal time and space, and illustrates how the abandonment of ether was not based on any scientific evidence at all but instead was due to misrepresentation and distortion of facts. Mankind has been misled for almost a century. The evidence presented is so powerful as to be eye-opening.
    Einstein, a patent officer, with his 1905 relativity paper, and Minkowski with his fourth dimension idea, shrouded science in unfathomable mystery. The understanding that ether exists was replaced by ideas of empty space and the fourth dimension. Einstein changed the course of science and transformed physics into fiction and confusion. The fanciful idea that one day man can go into the  future or the past blinded the minds of the masses to such a degree that no scientist dared challenge Einstein. The fact that it was so widely publicized that in the whole world there were only two persons who could understand Einstein's relativity paper (himself and Minkowski) shows how blindly and mischievously the paper was glorified as one of the greatest scientific works ever produced, and Einstein as the greatest scientist mankind had ever seen.
    After years of investigation of Einstein's works, I have discovered that all of his ideas actually belonged to other scientists, whose works he disguised through mathematical distortion. In the world of art, if someone steals a work of art and puts his own signature on it, such an act is called "fraud". In the world of science, Einstein took the results of a paper, which had taken someone years of research to write, and, by fabricating assumptions and adding convoluted mathematical steps backwards, reached the same result. Everyone reading his papers thought that he had independently arrived at conclusions that happened to belong to another scientist. Even those who realized what was happening thought they had uncovered an isolated case. No one suspected that the same problem existed in all of Einstein's papers.
    These facts led me to realize that Einstein's papers could amount to acts of fraud. Further confirmation of this suspicion came as I uncovered a trail of misrepresentation and false information, beginning with his fabricated evidence against the existence of ether. The misrepresentations of Michelson's experiment, the photoelectric effect formula which led to the acceptance of Einstein's contradictory particle and wave theory of light, Hertz's discovery of radio waves, Maxwell's electromagnetic theory of light, Fizeau's experiment, and many, many other misrepresentations one and all are only part of the evidence of fraud. The fact that Einstein has been portrayed as the greatest scientist mankind has ever seen is another evidence of misrepresentation. Bear in mind that no invention of any kind has ever come from any of Einstein's ideas. He has contributed nothing useful to science. The fallacy that Einstein's letter started the Manhattan project, the lauding of Einstein's poor and unscientific papers as the greatest and most praiseworthy scientific works, one and all fit the same pattern. Although many scientists have realized that there have been various misrepresentations in Einstein's works and many have even written books and articles about them, no one has seen the whole picture at once. By putting all the evidence together, a true picture emerges that exposes the reality of Einstein's works and changes all of our notions about Einstein. I realize now that the damage he has caused to the world of science is enormous. Tens of thousands of books have been written on Einstein's works. Many trillions of hours have been totally wasted by scientists and individuals on Einstein's ideas. Trillions of dollars have been wasted and continue to be spent on these ideas. Had Einstein not been allowed to highjack science, misled mankind and considerably retard scientific progress,  without doubt, mankind would have advanced to such a degree that by now interplanetary travel would have been part of our lives.
    Today there are many who will ignore, dismiss and even attack any criticism of Einstein and his works and will cling tenaciously to Einstein's ideas at any cost. Unfortunately, a few of them may hold high academic positions and may feel that this book threatens their established positions. An example of this kind of mentality is shown in the following quotation given by a former president of The American Physical Society, in his retirement address.     Although this quotation on the surface appears to be no more than humor, yet there are some who think exactly in this way, and one should keep this in mind. When comparing the evidences presented in this book with Einstein's theories, you can accept what is reasonable and in accordance with the laws of nature, or fall for the artificial fame of Einstein and accept his nonsense. It is hoped that what you read in this book gives you a clear perspective by which you may judge. It is hoped that you will agree with the information that is presented, and whether you are a teacher, a scientist, a student, or whatever your position in society, you will do your part by lending your voice in its support so that your children, your children' children and future generations will not remain in darkness I ask you for your support, confident that together we can leave the mark of victory for the generations to come.

(1)   -  R. R. Wilson, Physics Today, 35(6), (1986), p. 30.

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