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  Ross' Gold created on Apr.19.1998 and updated Jan.14.2000.

WARNING: I am not Ross Rebagliati; those of you who don't believe me, please see the "About Me" section......you'll be disappointed ^_~

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dummy plug Hello all! Long time no update. OAC year is hellish with tests, presentations and whatnot. Anyhow, I've added some news, upgraded the site to use stylesheets, fixed up some stuff in the News Archives and added a few pics.

What is going on in Ross' life? Well, he's now working with the Outdoor Life Network, commentating on their snowboarding segments. Also, he's now engaged to a fellow snowboarder Renee Schembri - I wish all the best for both of them!

Also, according to Audrey from the Ross' Gold BBS, Ross celebrated the millennium in Vancouver. Also, he and IMG (his management company) have gone separate ways. Wonder if he's freelancing...

Visit the messageboard for more Ross news!
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