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1999 News: Summer/Fall 99 / Winter 99
1998 News: Fall 98 / Summer 98 / Spring 98

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dummy plug December 16, 1998 Two Canadian youth-culture magazines, What! and Watch, have articles on Ross in their December issues. The What! article talks about Ross' CD, while Watch describes a little about his post-Nagano fame. Both are available at high-school offices; you can also find Watch at music stores like HMV and Music World. dummy plug
dummy plug December 10, 1998 The snowboard events have started at Whistler's WinterStart, and our hometown boy Ross is the spotlight of the festival. Although Ross insists that he hasn't changed, less fortunate snowboarders on the Canadian team feel that this fame caused a certain "animosity" towards him. Meanwhile, other athletes such as Catriona Le May Doan think that the Ross' fame was triggered by the wrong reasons (i.e. the Olympic marijuana fiasco)

I'm not the best mediator in the world, but I have a simple solution for the conflict between Ross and Team Canada: If Ross is being big-headed, then he should stop. If Team Canada is just miffed, everyone should talk. As for Ross' pot scandal, while I think pot does nothing for his performance and people like IOC treated him unfairly for something stupid he did eons ago, he was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Sponsors should focus on aspects of Ross other than pot, such as his skills, personality, looks, whatever......
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dummy plug December 1, 1998 1. Ross' first race of the season in Kaprun, Austria, is on TV. It is the second half of a one-hour show by the Outdoor Life Network (first part is parallel slalom, second is giant slalom race that Ross participated in). Times (Eastern) are as follows:

~ Dec.3.1998 11:00AM
~ Dec.3.1998 9:00PM
~ Dec.4.1998 12:00AM (midnight!)

Thanks to Jam's TV listings for the tip!

2. Vancouver-Whistler has won the rights to represent Canada in its bid for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Congratulations!.
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dummy plug November 22, 1998 Lots of news items long overdue......let's start with this: Ross is one of the many Vancouver/Whistler athletes in support of Vancouver-Whistler's 2010 bid for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Canada will select its candidate for the 2010 Winter Olympics on December 1, after the Quebec election. More info on the bid is here:

Vancouver 2010 Bid Website

Next item......Ross is featured in an interview by CTV Sportsnet and Outdoor Life Network, a part of a snowboarding season preview that opens the TV stations' first snowboard event, an ISF Big Air competition in Austria. I'll post the interview times soon as soon as I confirm them. (ALERT Nov.27.1998: The Ross interview is on tonight on CTV SportsNet, 8PM, Eastern Standard Time. Thanks to Toronto Star's TV listings for the tip!

And last but not least, I've bought the Fullie Dialed Inn CD. Read my review of it.
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dummy plug November 19, 1998 Part 2 of Steve Podborski's interview with Ross is up on Whistler's Higher Ground e-zine. The interview talks about his post-Nagano fame, his future with the ISF/FIS tours and the new pro snowboard squad he plans to put together. There's even an article that talks about his team in detail. dummy plug
dummy plug November 13, 1998 This just in, hot off the press courtesy of Friend from the messageboards: The December 1998 issue of Details (a men's magazine) has published an interview with Ross in their special "Snow Crazy: The Ultimate Snowboard Guide". You can read the interview online. dummy plug
dummy plug November 13, 1998 Ross' compilation CD, Fullie Dialed Inn, is due out next Tuesday (November 17) from Sony Music Canada. You can watch the TV ad of it on MuchMusic; it's one of those "A Day In The Life Of Ross Rebagliati" ads like These Are My Roots, only more goofy as Ross jokes about cereals and shampoo ads by athletes. (For all you girls who are wondering, Ross steps into the shower for the second joke **^.^**) Besides the ad, Sony Music is also promoting the CD on the Internet. Check out the following sites for more information on Fullie Dialed Inn:

~ ~ Sony's Newsletter
~ Official FDI Website (up Nov. 13)
I also have a FDI track list posted for your perusal.

Unfortunately, Sony may not be able to get Ross to personally promote FDI because, according to IMG's Nathalie Cook, he'll be off to Kaprun, Austria this weekend for a race; then he'll be racing at Sestriere, Italy before returning home to Whistler BC for WinterStart. (Thanks to Ken on the messageboards for the tip!)
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dummy plug November 6, 1998 It's Friday night, and I'm busy figuring out how to organize all the incoming Ross info that I'll post for this overdue update that everyone (I'm talking to you Friend! ^_^) has been waiting for. It seems that Ross is up to a lot of different things recently, including but not limited to the following:

~ training at Mt. Hood, Oregon;
~ an appearance at Vancouver's Roots Robson St. Store to announce the opening of Roots' Reef Point Adventure Resort in Ucluelet, B.C.;
~ working with Sony Music Canada on his CD, fulliedialedinn (BTW, this was delayed from Oct.27 to Nov.17);
~ working on his new website (HIRE ME! HIRE ME! ^_~)
~ ......interviews, interviews, and more interviews, including one with a Quebec TV crew and the following two interviews:

~ Slam! BC: Cue and Hey with Ross Rebagliati
~ Whistler-Blackcomb Higher Ground Mag: Steve Podborski grills Ross Rebagliati
(Thanks to Friend for the tip!)

I guess that's all I can fit in for what Ross is up to without droning on and on; check out this Whistler Today interview for even more Ross 411!
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dummy plug October 31, 1998 Mini-posters for Ross' These Are My Roots ad campaign are in selected Roots stores - be sure to check them out. (Some smaller stores, unfortunately, may not have them. ;_;) I took some mini-posters today and placed one on the bulletin board. They're quite good, if you ask me. (Those of you with x-ray vision might notice that there are two, not one, r's on the tip of the snowboard - you know what the double r's stand for - and "fulliedialedinn" appears, in green letters, on the tail.) dummy plug
dummy plug October 29, 1998 Ross will compete at the snowboard Super-G race at the Hongkong Bank Whistler WinterStart Festival (a FIS race) on Dec. 10. An earlier announcement that Ross will compete in both the ISF and FIS tours allowed him to compete at WinterStart, the season's only event in his hometown. CBC will air a 90-minute tape delay broadcast of the festival and then it'll be repackaged for US and European airplay. dummy plug
dummy plug October 16, 1998 Ross announced at a CTV press conference that the CTV Sports Group—the main CTV network, CTV Sportsnet and Outdoor Life Network—will bring 30 snowboarding events to TV. He also shared some thoughts on the next snowboarding season at the news conference.  "My goal is to make the podium in all my races," said Ross. He confirmed his participation in the circuit, dispelling any speculation that he'll not compete this season. dummy plug
dummy plug October 16, 1998 Yesterday Ross dropped in at Toronto along with Olympic teammate Mark Fawcett at the Toronto Ski and Snowboard Show. He talked in support of the Vancouver-Whistler 2010 Winter Olympics bid: "The facilities we have in place for downhill skiing and the other so-called gravity sports are as good as any place in the world, if not the best; it just seems like the perfect package." He also spent some Q.T. with his fans and signed autographs. dummy plug
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