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Ever since Ross got the gold medal, pages about him are popping all over the Internet—and they keep getting better and better. Here's a sampling of these pages. If you find any Ross page that isn't on the list (even if it's yours—all shameless promotions are welcome ;-]), be sure to e-mail at!

24/7 Snowboards
This is the official website of 24/7 Snowboards, Ross' board sponsors. Be sure to check out Ross' own Signature Series boards.

Official fulliedialedinn Website
The official website for Ross' CD, fulliedialedinn, by Sony Music Canada's Buzzwords division. Has the track list, stuff about Ross, not to mention a very familiar link......

Ross Rebagliati Rules
Created by Trixie from Ottawa. This page features an extensive photo gallery, a timeline of Ross' trip to Nagano, an info page (with some little-known tidbits!) plus a messageboard.

I love this multi-section site by Lauren and Eric Sheppard; it's full of info on Ross' snowboarding career, plus it's JavaScript-enhanced!

Natalie, Billie-Jo and Nicole's Ross site
These girls sure know how to write picture comments in their image gallery—but where's their guestbook!?

Ross Rebagliati - Whistler's Finest
The mecca for Ross Rebagliati images (over 70!), but be warned; page loading time is l—o—n—g.

Ross Rebagliati Canadian Olympic Snowboarding Gold Medal Winner!
One of the first Ross Rebagliati tribute pages. Some pictures and quotes, but hasn't been updated the last time I visited it.

Whistlerweb's Ross Site
The name sounds like an official page and there's a mailing list that doesn't seem to be updated at all, but the articles and pictures are excellent! (NOTE: To access the site, go to the "LOCAL HEROS" menu and highlight "Ross Rebagliati".)

Mark Fawcett's Homepage
This is the homepage of Team Canada's Mark Fawcett—great snowboarder, all-around cool guy. Be sure to check out his Interests page; those are things I'd love to do in the future (except SB politics).

Mark Wallace's Snowboarding FAQ
Huge FAQ brought to you by Mark Wallace, which offers snowboard advice for rookies among other things. Big thank-you to the webmasters of the FDI website for linking to it!

Mountainzone Snowboarding
Best snowboarding news source on the Internet with its highly-organized and up-to-date ISF and FIS results. The only gripe is......for the last time, Mark Fawcett is Canadian, NOT American!

Other Ross (or related-to-Ross) Links
CANOE's Ross Headlines
Official Roots Website
Snowboarding Online
ISF (International Snowboard Federation)
FIS Snowboarding

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If you have any news, pictures or other info on Ross, you can send 'em all to me by doing any of the following: ©1999 Marina Liteyearz