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1999 News: Summer/Fall 99 / Winter 99
1998 News: Fall 98 / Summer 98 / Spring 98

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dummy plug October 31, 1999 Ross is spotted on the entertainment show, E! Now, at Walt Disney World attending a Roots store opening. He said something along the lines of how big Roots is world-wide. I missed the show, so perhaps the Roots official website will have some more information? dummy plug
dummy plug October 31, 1999 According to Friend, Ross was mentioned in a free newspaper called "Western Living" (I don't think I get that one, living in Toronto). He gives his opinion on star-making, saying that the way a celebrity handles himself makes or breaks his fame. Couldn't agree more with him! dummy plug
dummy plug September 18, 1999 Audrey says that Ross is mentioned in the September 99 issue of Saturday Night magazine, in an article about Ucluelet, B.C. (the location of the Roots Reef Point Resort). The article mentions that that Ross visited the Lodge "5 times in 5 weeks." I guess there's no place like home when it comes to Ross and vacations...... dummy plug
dummy plug August 27, 1999 National Post has a nice interview with Ross about his plans for the future (he's training for 2002, but retirement is also an option ;_;), as well as shed some light on his emotional state after Nagano and fame. Thanks to FO for the tip!
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dummy plug August 7, 1999's "Roots In The Media" section mentioned this: Ross joined Canadian R&B sensation Deborah Cox at the 1999 Roots Fall Fashion Show. It also mentioned that Ross attended the Nation's Cup golf tournament in Ontario. More info in this article. dummy plug
dummy plug July 29, 1999 Ross was featured in the "Flare Was There" section in the August issue of Flare magazine—it turns out that Ross participated in the Power Ball, a fundraising dinner for The Power Plant - Contemporary Art Gallery (Harbourfront in Toronto). Check your local library for copies.

Also, a few of Ross' 24/7 signature boards were featured in Transworld Snowboarding's 2000 Buyer's Guide.
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dummy plug July 11, 1999 Roots has published a four-times-a-year newsletter called The Roots Reporter, featuring the latest in Roots products and celebrities (including Ross, of course). The first issue has a feature on the first annual Roots Charity Golf Tournament, in which Ross was a participant (there's also a nice pic of Ross with Elvis Stojko and Roots co-founders Don Green and Michael Budman). It also has a feature on the Roots Reef Point Resort in B.C., which Ross visited frequently for its recreational activities. dummy plug
dummy plug June 6, 1999 Ross was spotted at the Jet bar in Toronto on Thursday, June 3 at the after-party for the premiere of Austin Powers 2: The Spy Who Shagged Me. "I think Austin Powers represents all guys that are too shy to go up to the girls and tell them what they really think......he's kind of every guy's hero," he says to an entertainment show called StarTV. Check out this article for more on the party. Thanks to Audrey for the tip! dummy plug
dummy plug June 6, 1999 A Ryerson student by the name of Jackie Burns has a sweet Ross encounter when he visited Toronto in February 1999. Read about the encounter in Jackie's article "C'mon baby, light my fire". dummy plug
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