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1999 News: Summer/Fall 99 / Winter 99
1998 News: Fall 98 / Summer 98 / Spring 98

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dummy plug June 11, 1998 I'm baaaaaaack!! Due to schoolwork and a lack of Ross news, this page wasn't updated for an entire month. But today, I've got 3 notes of interest for everyone:

1. Ross' appearance on Open Mike with Mike Bullard will be re-run on Wednesday, June 17 on The Comedy Network. (Thanks to's Jam! TV listings for that info!). This originally aired on my birthday (March 18), so I guess I'll be getting a belated birthday present from Ross. :)

2. I finally got a Ross poster from my local Roots store! It features Ross in a red Roots sweatshirt, with a calm look on his face. Looks great, and it's free—ask your local Roots store if they're available!

3. I got 50/50 on my "Physics of Snowboarding" project (you know, the essay and the video of Ross' 2nd run)! My teacher asked me if he could keep the video; I said I'd keep the better-quality copy and I'll tape a crappier copy for him! What a grateful student I am, eh? ^_~
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dummy plug May 11, 1998 MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Last Saturday, I've successfully filmed the video part of my Physics project (including Ross' 2nd run). I'm just speechless about how successful this "Physics of Snowboarding" project has been—not even I thought it'd work when I asked for teacher approval for the topic. This, of course, explains why I'm not on any of the messageboard during this weekend.

Also, I've bought a copy of Snowboard Canada, Spring edition. I think it was worth the $5.70—not only did it feature interviews on Ross, but a lot of guys on the Olympic team talked about the other interesting stuff that went on at Nagano. And oh yeah, there are lots of very good Ross and snowboarding pics for your perusal! If you haven't bought Snowboard Canada now, do it soon!
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dummy plug May 7, 1998 Greetings, all Ross fans! I'm back from two weeks of no updates. That's what four major tests in one week can do to you,,,,,, x_x

A word on the progress of my Physics project (if anyone's interested). I've handed in my essay, and I'm starting to produce a home-made video (featuring Ross' gold-medal winning run) for my visual component. (The production may fail, though, and I can revert to a poster anytime I want.) So I guess I'll be in James Cameron mode the next couple of days, except that I'm more stoked about working (indirectly, that is) with Ross than be the King of the World! :)
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dummy plug May 7, 1998 Thanks to Friend from Shiga Kogen's messageboard, I've uncovered some never-seen-before (?) articles about Ross and Olympic snowboarding on this address:

It has very interesting articles on Ross' win at Nagano, the marijuana roller-coaster, and the like. Be sure to click "Snowboarding" on the main page's list to access these articles!

As for Ross himself, he's enjoying an early summer vacation in sunny Costa Rica. I bet he's surfing the waves right now—he's an avid surfer.
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dummy plug May 7, 1998 There's a 6-page article (complete with pictures) about Ross and Olympic snowboarding in the Spring edition of the Snowboard Canada magazine. There's also a fabulous picture of Ross for a Roots ad! Be sure to grab a copy—Snowboard Canada costs $5.70! (I've planned to buy the magazine sometime this week. dummy plug
dummy plug May 7, 1998 Ross posters are available free at Roots stores. Be sure to phone your local Roots store about it, though; not every Roots store have them in stock (for example, my local Roots stores ;.;) dummy plug
dummy plug April 23, 1998 The official Roots website has dedicated a small section to Ross in their "Olympic Round-up" section! Be sure to click into the section and check it out! One point of note—the section mentioned something about Ross getting at least 10 wedding proposals during his March autograph-session tour across Canada!

Also, Ross is featured in a free magazine called What!. For high-school students, you can take this magazine for free at your school. If you can't find it (or if you're not in high-school), try visiting your local library sometime after the article's out for back issues. I've taken one copy of the mag to see the article, but I'm not too crazy about the cartoon of Ross in it.

Speaking of high-school, I have a project for my physics class and, being ever-influenced by you-know-who, I decided to do "Snowboarding and Physics". Now if only I can break my habit of doing all my assignments at the last minute......:~(
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dummy plug April 23, 1998 Word has it that Ross may be featured in a movie (a comedy) tentatively called Boardlords. Although this news is unconfirmed, Lauren and Eric of Rossmania—and myself—are hot on its trail. According to the wittily-named Boardlord Productions, this flick will be about "skiers vs. snowboarders". Let's hope all the best for Ross' silver-screen debut (and may he not do a Shaquille O'Neal Titanic impression)! dummy plug
dummy plug April 13, 1998 Ross is on the cover of ACCESS, a free magazine that you can pick up at Music World, HMV or Sunrise Records. There's also a full article about him and the B.C. marijuana scene. dummy plug
dummy plug April 13, 1998 For those who stayed up at midnight to watch TSN (myself included), you probably knew that Ross did not show up on David Pratt. Maybe he didn't have time, or one of the guests, Robert Esmie, has a name that sounds oh-so-similar to Ross's. It certainly doesn't help that Robert's also a gold medalist......but whatever. ^_~ dummy plug
dummy plug April 11, 1998 Ross may (the keyword is may) appear on TSN's Last Call With David Pratt at midnight. Thanx to Artella for the original tip! dummy plug
dummy plug April 11, 1998 Ross decided not to compete in the Canadian Nationals this year......but hey, Ross, why not? Your appearance is much appreciated there! dummy plug
dummy plug April 9, 1998 A picture of Ross is featured in an article about Roots, his new sponsor, in the Macleans issue dated April 13, 1998. The picture will look familiar to those of you who've attended the autograph sessions in Toronto. Thanks to Audrey for the original tip (it's first posted on Rossmania). dummy plug
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