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1999 News: Summer/Fall 99 / Winter 99
1998 News: Fall 98 / Summer 98 / Spring 98

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dummy plug September 29, 1998 FO has just told me on the Rossmania messageboard that Ross is featured in a two-page spread in the newest issue of Snowboard Canada. I have yet to read the spread; but I'll be reading it soon, for sure! In other news, according to FO, there's a commercial for CTV which also features Ross. Again, I can't really tell you much other than that it exists, because I only had a brief glimpse of it. Thanks again to FO for the tips! dummy plug
dummy plug September 22, 1998 This just in from Lauren, webmistress of Rossmania. Ross is the star of a national TV commercial for Roots Registered Jeans—the first-ever foray into TV for both of them. This campaign, called "These are my Roots", is filmed in Whistler, BC where Ross takes the viewer for a tour of Whistler's landscape, his friends and lifestyle. I think it's a great ad; obviously because of Ross, but also because it captures the Whistler atmosphere really well. Gotta love that golf swing, too!

The Roots Official Website is really pushing the "These are my Roots" message; after you "click to continue", you can view the RealVideo of the ad (in case you haven't seen it on TV). Happy viewing!
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dummy plug September 12, 1998 Hey, I know I should have updated this page a lifetime ago, but school is waiting for me :-( Anyways, Amber has met Ross last Saturday at the Vancouver Molson Indy, and he also appeared on Sunday's main race to give the starting call. (Gentlemen, start your engines!) dummy plug
dummy plug September 2, 1998 NEW ROSS SIGHTING ALERT! It looks like Amber from the messageboards will get to meet Ross once again. Ross will appear this Saturday (Sep. 5) at the Molson Vancouver Indy for a half an hour of autograph signing. I've told Amber to pass on three messages to Ross...... you must find them out for yourself! ^_~ dummy plug
dummy plug August 26, 1998 Ross appeared at the Greater Vancouver Open's NHL/NBA Celebrity Pro-Am on Tuesday and signed autographs for fans, including Amber on the Ross' Gold messageboards who provided this news. Naturally, I missed this appearance since I wasn't in Vancouver ;-(. For a full listing of the Celebrity Pro-Am participants, go to the GVO official website by Orca Bay Entertainment (one of the organizers).

Again, thanks to Amber for the tip!
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dummy plug August 23, 1998 Ross is set to become a compilation-CD producer with "Fullie Dialed In", featuring "music you'll hear in Ross Rebagliati's living room". The track list has not been finalized, but expected to include music from Finley Quaye, Cypress Hill and Jamiroquai. Ross was in Toronto on Aug. 21 to shoot a commercial for the disc, in stores on Oct. 27. Thanks to Starr and Friend for the tip! dummy plug
dummy plug August 23, 1998 Ross is featured in the latest issue of Snowboard Life, in an article that describes the perks—and a little confusion—of his newfound fame. Check out the online version of the article if you don't have the magazine. dummy plug
dummy plug August 13, 1998 Ross will appear on August 16 for a repeat interview on MuchMusic's MuchWest. It airs on at 12:00am Eastern (9:00 Pacific) and repeats 4:30am Eastern (1:30am Pacific); set your VCR's! Tip courtesy of Friend. (By the way, there was no Ross whatsoever on August 9's MuchWest x_x) dummy plug
dummy plug August 9, 1998 Transworld SNOWboarding has now come out with a new interview with Ross (after his gold-medal win at Nagano), featuring some previously-unseen details and pictures! It should be on sale at your local newsstand for $5.75 Canadian (I'm not sure of the Canadian price 'cuz I bought the magazine in the US). Thanks to Audrey for the tip! dummy plug
dummy plug August 9, 1998 Ross may appear today on MuchMusic's MuchWest (or if he doesn't, he'll appear next week on Aug. 16). MuchWest is re-airing the highlights of this year's Junos, and chances are Ross will be there (as Friend said on the messageboards, Ross is a highlight!) It's on at 12:00am Eastern (9:00 Pacific) and repeats 4:30am Eastern (1:30am Pacific), so be sure to stay up all night or set your VCRs! Tip courtesy of FO. dummy plug
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